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【拼一拼英語】Word search: Clothes


Instructions: Read the clues (information that helps you to find the answers) and find the words they describe. The words can go any way, but the letters are always next to each other. The first clue is done for you.


1. long and thin, you wear it around your neck (3 letters) (TIE)

2. you wear it on your head (3)

3. these cover both legs (8)

4. the police or nurses wear this (7)

5. you wear these to keep your feet warm, often made of wool (5)

6. it keeps your neck warm (5)

7. these cover half your legs, often used in sport (6)

8. it is thin, covers the top of your body and often opens at the front (5)

9. it goes around the middle of the body (4)

10. you wear these to keep your hands warm (6)

11. you wear this over other clothes to keep warm (4)

12. for the top part of the body, it is made of wool (7)

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