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【拼一拼英語】Acrostic puzzle: Family and people


Instructions: Use the letters after the clues (information that helps you to find the answers) below to make words about family and people. Then use the letters in the yellow boxes to make another word about family and people.


1. someone you work with (ULGELCAOE)

2. a person who helps you learn (CERATHE)

3. a person who works in a hospital helping doctors (URNSE)

4. a girl/woman who has the same parents as you (RTSSIE)

5. your mother's or father's brother (CELNU)

6. a person you like (DFIREN)

7. a person who works with sick people (RODCTO)

8. a boy/man who has the same parents as you (HOBTRRE)

9. people who are not yet adults (HCNRIDLE)

10. someone who lives near you

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