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2012年6月15日 星期五
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http://paper.wenweipo.com   [2012-06-15]     我要評論

■本港今年2月至4月失業率為3.3%,失業率維持在低水平。 資料圖片




Don't be complacent when unemployment rate drops

The unemployment rate in Hong Kong for the period from February to April this year was 3.3%. Although the unemployment rate remained at a low level, with the chill wind of slack economy blowing in Europe, America as well as China, the economy of Hong Kong may show a U-turn due to the circumstances in the external markets, and the unemployment rate may then revert to a rising trend. Therefore, Hong Kong should not be complacent about the current rather satisfactory employment figure. While a new government is going to take office in the year, Hong Kong should take this opportunity to expedite the diversification of industries and to enhance job security.

Uncertainties in the global economy have kept increasing. The European debt crisis displays signs of deterioration subsequent to changes in the political situation. The American economy remains persistently weak. The mainland economy, which affects Hong Kong a great deal, also starts to slow down. The local Hong Kong economy recorded only a 0.4% growth in the first quarter of the year and there is the possibility of a negative growth ahead. The economy in Hong Kong relies too heavily on such sectors as finance and property, which are very sensitive to the flow of funds. In case of any unfavorable development in the external markets which triggers a rapid outflow of funds, the local asset market may fluctuate tremendously and the economic condition will deteriorate significantly. This will likely cause a tide of business closures and layoffs.

The Chief Executive-elect Mr. Leung Chun-ying proclaimed during his election campaign a policy direction of "change but ensure stability; intervene as appropriate". It is hoped that the new term of government could break with the traditional practice of "active non-intervention" and have greater participation in the long-term planning of the economy. The rich financial reserves can be used in various ways including to aid those promising industries with growth opportunities, to help small and medium-sized enterprises weather the storm in times of economic crisis, to encourage "employment in one's own neighbourhood", and to implement an economic strategy "based on boosting employment". These help to maintain a healthy and steady economic growth, boost consistent employment, narrow the rich-poor gap and promote harmony in society. ■Translation by 東明 tungming23@gmail.com


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