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I am an 11 year old Chinese Canadian boy who lives in Canada. We visit our friends and relatives in Hong Kong every year, so Hong Kong is my second home. One of my favorite movies is Yip Man. That movie made me interested in learning about Chinese history and it made me proud to be Chinese. I also like Stephen Chow movies!

Recently, I've been watching lots of videos and news from Hong Kong with my mom and she interprets them into English for me. I may not understand everything that is going on but I know that violence is not the answer to anything. I saw rioters throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails at policemen, they vandalized the city and have taken the freedoms away from people. I also heard that some policemen have serious injuries, they can't take any vacation time, they work long hours and their families are being bullied. I feel very sorry for them.

My mom told me she saw a video of a man from mainland China who brought snacks to a police station for the Hong Kong police. I asked my mom if we could do the same from Canada. I have some money in my bank account, so I asked her to use some of it to buy some snacks and send it to the policemen and police women in Hong Kong. With the help of my aunt and uncle, we shipped a big box of snacks we got from Costco.

I just want the policemen in Hong Kong to know that although we don't live in Hong Kong, we appreciate them keeping my relatives safe in Hong Kong.