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拼一拼英語:Word train puzzle


Instructions: Read the clues (information that helps you to find the answers) and write the answers in the boxes. Each answer starts with the last letter of the word before it. The last word finishes in the first letter of the first word.


ヾ a very big animal that lived millions of years ago

ゝ to make whole again or to make something work when it is broken

ゞ something that is true, not only in your head, for example, Harry Potter is not .................., he is only a person in a book.

々 a machine that takes you up and down a building

ぁ someone who shows tourists a place and gives them information about it (4-5)

あ a food that chickens give us, and we eat for breakfast

ぃ another word for present, for example, "I need to buy her a .................. for her birthday."

い cars, buses, motorbikes and so on using the road

ぅ young people who are under 18

う jewellery that you wear around your neck

11 a test you have to take at school to show how much you know

12 angry and upset

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