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【拼一拼英語】Acrostic puzzle: Family


Instructions: Use the clues (information that helps you to find the answers) below to make words about family members. Then, use the letters in the yellow boxes to answer the question in number 13.


ヾ My father's sister is my aunt .

ゝ My son's sisters are my daughters.

ゞ My father's only wife is my mother.

々 My grandfather's only son is my father.

ぁ My mother's daughter, but not me, is my sister.

あ My father's father is my grandfather.

ぃ My mother's brother is my uncle.

い My father's mother is my grandmother.

ぅ My daughter's brother is my son.

う My mother's son, but not me, is my brother.

11 My aunt's daughter is my cousin.

12 My mother's only son or daughter is me .

13 You love your parents and your brothers and sisters more than anything. For you, what is best? family is best

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