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簡單來說,以下3種方法可以幫助建立連續性:一,使用連接詞(transitional words and/or phrases);二,重複關鍵字 ;三,使用代詞(pronouns)。我們將討論第一種方法。

港生易過度使用 或理解有誤

香港學生經常犯兩個錯誤。第一,過度使用,例如在每個句子的開始處都使用,令文章看起來不自然。第二,一些學生不理解連接詞的意義,因此不適當地使用它們,常用錯的連接詞包括however、on the other hand等。


Functions      Examples

Addition(附加) Furthermore, moreover, also, again, in addition, besides, and, or, nor

Exemplification  To illustrate, to demonstrate, specifically, for instance, as an illustration,

or illustration(舉例) for example

Similarity (相似) In the same way, by the same token, similarly, in like manner, likewise, in a similar fashion

Contrast(相反) Yet, nevertheless, nonetheless, after all, but, however, though, otherwise, on the contrary, in contrast, notwithstanding

Clarification(澄清) That is to say, in other words, to explain, i.e., (that is), to clarify, to rephrase it, to put it another way

Cause(原因) Because, since, on account of, for that reason

Effect(結果) Therefore, consequently, accordingly, thus, hence, as a result

Qualification(描述) Almost, nearly, probably, never, always, perhaps, although

Intensification(加強) Indeed, to repeat, by all means, of course, undoubtedly, certainly, without doubt

Concession(讓步) Granted, to be sure

Conclusion(結論) In conclusion, to conclude, finally


No one ever doubts that having meaningful relationships is important to our psychological health. The benefits of socializing, ___________, seem to be beyond that. In a recent research study, researchers found that people with the most active social lives displayed the slowest rate of memory decline.

A. moreover B. certainly C. however D. hence

Answer C

■Dr. A. Chan,哲學博士,哲學碩士,英語講師。熟悉公開考試之出題模式與評分準則,任教英語。