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拼一拼英語:Answers for last Friday(6/30)


Word search puzzle: Parts of the body

Instructions: Use the clues (information which helps you find the answers) to find the words. The letters can go any way, but are always next to each other. The first clue is done for you.

1 your hand is at the end of it (ARM)

2 hair on a man's face (BEARD)

3 all the other parts in this puzzle are on it (BODY)

4 you listen with this (EAR)

5 you see with this (EYE)

6 where your eyes and nose and mouth are (FACE)

7 it's at the end of your leg (FOOT)

8 it's on your head and can be long or short, and black or brown (HAIR)

9 it's at the end of your arm (HAND)

10 it's where your face and ears and hair are (HEAD)

11 your foot is at the end of it (LEG)

12 you open it to eat (MOUTH)

13 it's between your mouth and your eyes (NOSE)

14 it's white and is in your mouth (TOOTH)

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