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【拼一拼英語】Make the words puzzle(Answers for 3/23)


Instructions: Read the clues (information that helps you to find the answers) and write the answers in the boxes. Each answer starts with the last letter of the word before it. The last word finishes in the first letter of the first word.


ヾ clean your teeth with this (BRUSH)

ゝ pull it through your hair so that your hair looks nice (COMB)

ゞ cut things with this (KNIFE)

々 look at yourself in this (MIRROR)

ぁ write on this (PAPER)

あ write/draw with this (PENCIL)

ぃ women keep their money in this (PURSE)

い listen to music and conversations on this (RADIO)

ぅ clean yourself with this (SOAP)

う a piece of paper you need to buy to travel or enter a cinema, for example (TICKET)

(11) men keep their money in this (WALLET)

(12) wear this above your hand to know the time (WATCH)

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