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【拼一拼英語】Make the words puzzle: Things we use every day


Instructions: Put two groups of letters together to make 4-, 5- and 6-letter words which answer the clues (information that helps you to find the answers) about things we use every day. The first one is done to help you.


ヾ clean your teeth with this (BRUSH)

ゝ pull it through your hair so that your hair looks nice

ゞ cut things with this

々 look at yourself in this

ぁ write on this

あ write / draw with this

ぃ women keep their money in this

い listen to music and conversations on this

ぅ clean yourself with this

う a piece of paper you need to buy to travel or enter a cinema, for example

11 men keep their money in this

12 wear this above your hand to know the time

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