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Where is Wales? Is Wales a good place to visit? Read and find out!

Wales is one of the countries in Britain and the United Kingdom. Wales has some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. The highest mountain in Wales is Snowdon, which is 1,085m. The population of Wales is just over three million people.


The official languages of Wales are English and Welsh, and 'Wenglish' is a Welsh-English dialect. Everyone speaks English, but if you go to school in Wales you have to learn Welsh until you are 16. The Welsh language is an old, Celtic language which is very different from English. Around 20 per cent of people in Wales speak Welsh.


The Welsh people love music and there are a lot of singing festivals and competitions in Wales. One of the largest cultural festivals in Europe is the National Eisteddfod of Wales. All the events are in Welsh and include literature, singing, art, exhibitions, dance and theatre.


The Welsh enjoy watching and playing sport, especially rugby union and football. Water sports are popular in Wales. You can go surfing, wakeboarding or coasteering.


There are lots of sheep in Wales, so people eat a lot of lamb. A typical Welsh dish is 'cawl' which is a lamb stew. There are also Welsh cakes, which are small, sweet, round cakes with dried raisins inside.


Red dragons are a symbol of Wales. Other symbols include the leek (a long, green vegetable) and the daffodil (a white or yellow flower).

Activity 1 - Vocabulary matching

Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a - d next to the numbers 1-4.

1...... lamb a. related to Wales

2...... Welsh b. the part of the land that is near the sea

3...... the coast c. a large, scary animal that can fly and breathe fire

4...... a dragon d. meat from a sheep

Answers 1. d; 2. a; 3. b; 4. c

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